Migraine Glasses!

Migraine Glasses!
Migraine Glasses

Migraine-sunglasses Fixes pain!

Migraine Sunglasses can not fix the pain. Yes, everyone understand that. At least those who suffer from migraine. But would it not be great if you only needed to put on your glasses and  became migraine free. But you never know what those scientists can come up with in the future.

But, now they actually did some research and came up with glasses that can prevent migraine. Some form of sunglasses, it seems.

You just have to get the glasses on before the pain breaks out. But it’s a piece of cake. Put on your glasses as soon as you get out of bed in the morning and your migraine will be fixed in advance, so to speak. Though it may not be as useful. The eyes would then get used to dark light which is not so good in the long run. But you’ll just have to hang them on the doorknob, not to forget them when you are getting out.

Axon Optics has now got a big response for its new migraine-glasses. They are named one of  the better innovations, most recently, in terms of technology. It is said that 90 percent of all who suffer from migraines are also light sensitive, so the idea can not be entirely incorrect. The glasses will certainly be available in stores this summer I understand. In addition, they will later be available as contact lenses as well. Not bad!

But it seems that the sales race has already started. Another company is already out with a  similar design, if I understand the whole thing correctly. But not with the same technology as Axon Optics. However, you must fork out 139 USD for a pair of glasses to avoid migraine pain. But that’s peanuts if you compare with a migraine attack. I don´t know the price of glasses from Axon Optics, I would rather not think of it. But I’ll have to talk to the bank in worst case.

Axon Optics has already their migraine glasses up for sale since last summer. They costs “only” about 99 USD. But the new version coming this summer has no price tag yet. So we’ll wait and see. But I have a feeling that they will go as hot cakes.

And as always my migraine friends. If it will not work for you please test my personal experience methods how to get rid of migraines!

From what I gathered the sunglasses will be pink colored. So soon we can recognize a migraine  sufferer from the color of the glasses. Cool!


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