Migraine Free Without Pills

Migraine Free Without Pills
Migraine Free Without Pills

10 Ways to Stay Migraine Free Without Pills

Hey fellow migraine sufferers,

Hope you are all migraine free today! Sometimes I think we are all so concentrated on our medications that we don´t even think about those migraine free options out there. And if we are lucky to have migraine medicines that really work we don´t bother thinking of other treatments. But as you know, it´s easy to get chronic migraine headache if we get used to those pills.

I heard about a new study that shows more and more suffer from migraine headache – not so surprising perhaps considering all new stress moments out there. Always accessible with our cellphones and now those new devices that keep us uploaded to our computers as well, when we are not even at work or home.

So, how to get rid of migraines in natural ways. Here is what I found on Mail Online not long ago. There are ten ways to get rid of and prevent migraine pain without pills. If your migraine has not yet become chronic, there´s a real migraine free option here.

Avoid your “triggers” to Stay Migraine Free

Keep a migraine diary for a few weeks or more to see if you find any patterns in your migraines. Is there a connection between something you ate or did just eat before the migraine attack, that started the pain? It could be stress, menstruation, or foods such as chocolate, red wine, cheese and a lot of other foods that can start a migraine.

Eat a snack and Stay Migraine Free

Low blood sugar is a common cause of migraines. Therefore, eat regularly and be careful to have your breakfast. It should never go more than 12 hours without food. That´s an absolute maximum.

Keep track of your coffee to Stay Migraine Free

Too much caffeine can trigger a migraine attack. Try switching to decaffeinated option, or stick to just three cups of regular coffee each day.

Beware of the additives to Stay Migraine Free

Many migraine sufferers are sensitive to additives like glutamate, aspartame, Tartrazine, sulfite and sodium benzoate. Try to avoid them

Chew ginger and Stay Migraine Free

Chewing a raw ginger can relieve nausea that can come with an attack. Ginger also appears to counteract the inflammatory substances in the brain’s blood vessels, which could prevent new migraine attacks.

Invest in lucky substances to Stay Migraine Free

Studies have shown that those who suffer from migraine headaches often have low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Do you eat protein foods like chicken, eggs, dairy products, bananas, whole grains, nuts and seeds, you can raise serotonin levels and stay migraine free.

Drink water - A Basic Way to Stay Migraine Free

Dehydration is a common trigger. You need 1-2 liters of water per day to avoid a difficult, lengthy and frequent seizures. And even more if you are working out or training.

Eat Magnesium - The old Rule to Stay Migraine Free

It is a fact that too little magnesium in the body will inhibit blood flow and lower blood sugar, which can trigger a migraine attack. Salad with fresh green leaves, tomato paste, nuts, seeds, whole is to prefere. grains, beans, peas, potatoes, oats and yeast containing magnesium.

Try yoga and Stay Migraine Free

Yoga makes you calm and stress free. Some positions are especially good if you are stiff in the neck and shoulders.

Avoid stress and you can be quite sure to Stay Migraine Free

Try to learn to relax in everyday life, and do not stress yourself unnecessarily. Breathe deeply and take relaxation exercises if you feel the stress is coming on.

So, if that´s not enough, check up my own special tricks to stay migraine free at How To Get Rid Of Migraines.


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