How To Prevent A Migraine

How To Get Rid Of Migraines - The Six Best Ways

Learning how to get rid of migraines is something totally different from stopping a migraine attack that has already started. When a migraine has started it is difficult to avoid the usual painkillers. It all depends on how severe the pain is. If you know your migraine you understand that you need to take action at the first sign of pain. Some people can cure the starting migraine in a hot sauna, others go out jogging and some take a sleeping pill to be able to sleep away the attack.

None of those things will be discussed here, instead we will concentrate on how to prevent a migraine and the six best ways to avoid migraine triggers.
  • Relaxation from stress with Yoga
  • Beware of the migraine triggers
  • Importance of regular meals
  • Physical therapy training
  • Change your daily pills
  • Migraine acupuncture
How To Prevent A Migraine
How To Prevent A Migraine

How To Prevent A Migraine With – The Yoga Neck Rolling

Stress is the most common migraine trigger and there are many different ways to prevent stress. One of the most effective is Yoga. One good exercise is neck rolling where you will slowly roll your neck in a circle for ten seconds. Never stop during the roll unless you feel pain. Start with your head leaning towards your chest. Your cheek is as close to your chest as possible and your mouth is closed. Feel the back of your neck stretching. Slowly let your head start rolling, like a circle, up to your left shoulder. In the same movement open your mouth a little. Lean as close to your left shoulder as possible. Keep your right side of your neck stretching to get as close as you can to your left shoulder. Your mouth shall now be half open.

When you continue rolling your head, start opening your mouth more and more. Lean your head backwards as much as you can. When your head is at the top level, leaning backwards, your mouth is now as wide open as possible. Continue the roll down to your right shoulder slowly closing your mouth more and more. When your head is close to the right shoulder your mouth should be half open. Feel your neck stretching on the left side. Finish the first exercise by rolling down your head to your chest, with your cheek as close to your chest as possible. Your mouth should now be closed.

It is recommended that you do 10-15 neck rolls in both directions each day. This exercise will limber up your muscles around your neck and facilitate the energy flow along the backbone and up to the brain. For some people this exercise can be painful. It is important that you don´t feel any pain!  Your neck is a sensitive part of your body, so take it easy! Ask for a yoga instructor that has worked with migraine patients. Remember, always talk to your doctor when starting a new exercise, especially the neck rolling.

Control The Migraine Trigger

There are migraine triggers that you can control and others that you can´t control when it comes to how to get rid of migraines. You can´t control the weather with low or high pressure and you can´t do anything about your menstruation periods. What you can control is what you eat. Food triggers are very common triggers for migraine. The best way to prevent a migraine attack is to find out what you have eaten before the migraine attacks starts. Use a migraine diary because your food trigger might be as old as three days back. Some of the most common food triggers are cheese, red wine, dark chocolate, alcohol, gluten and too much salt. But there are many others too.

Importance Of Regular Meals

Another way to prevent a migraine is to avoid a low blood sugar level. This will work for many sufferers who want to know how to get rid of migraines. Perhaps you heard of Hypoglycemia, a well known migraine trigger. Hypoglycemia happens when the blood sugar level drops below what is considered to be the normal range but you can avoid this with regular meals. A good food habit is not to allow more than three hours between your meals. Most importantly, you should always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don´t forget to take food breaks throughout the day with healthy snacks, fruits, sandwiches and something to drink.

Keep Your Body Fit With Physical Therapy Training

Put some effort into keeping your weight within the normal range for your height. That is very good advice to prevent a migraine. There´s another effective physical therapy training method to get a good physical health, you can practice aerobic exercise not less than three times a week. If possible keep on jogging or walking at least once a day. It is important to keep exercising on a regular basis. Physical therapy training is also one of the best ways to prevent many diseases.

Your Daily Pills Can Be A Migraine Trigger

Here we are not talking about your migraine pain killers. Many of the medicines we are talking about here are more common with age. The daily pills can be a blood pressure medicine, a diabetic drug, or any medicine that you are supposed to take every day. Young women on birth control medicine is one example where it doesn’t always have to be an older person. Many migraine sufferers have managed to get rid of their pains just by changing their daily pills to another brand. This is not a well known preventive method as not many people know about it but it´s worth trying. Start with your doctors consultation and find out if there is a solution for you.

A side effect among many blood pressure medicines is that they can prevent a migraine. So visit your doctor for blood pressure monitoring. If your blood pressure level is just a little too high don´t hesitate to ask for a blood pressure medicine that prevents migraines. If it doesn’t work, ask your doctor to change to another brand. This is a great way of how to get rid of migraines, especially for older people.

Migraine Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an old Chinese therapy method used for more than 4.000 years. It´s a great way to prevent a migraine attack. The main strategy with migraine acupuncture is mostly preventive. Reducing the tension in muscles to enhance the blood flow is one of the most important treatments.

Concerning migraine acupuncture there´s a better prediction for younger migraneurs. Acupuncture works best if you don´t have migraines regularly,(up to about twice a month). But everyone is different when it comes to migraines, so the best advice is to go for it.

Treatment is on regular basis. Starting with about two or three times a week for the first month. The next months about once or twice a week. This differs of course among acupuncture specialists. Just watch out! Don´t go for a migraine acupuncture specialist that has a two week course from a hotel in Florida. Look for older Chinese or other Asian specialists with a long history of treating migraines.

I do hope you find a way here for how to get rid of migraines and I wish you the best of luck in your efforts!