Causes of Migraines

Causes of Migraines
Causes of Migraines

Causes of Migraines - Very many people from all over the world usually suffer from migraines. Someone who experiences migraine attacks usually suffers from headaches and other symptoms, which lead to the impairing of some senses such as vision. However, for a long time, the causes of migraines have been unknown. Luckily, various studies into these causes have led to their discovery. Following are some of the most common causes of migraine in different people.

One, there are people who experience migraines after eating certain foods. Actually, most people will have similar foods that contribute to their migraine attacks. These foods include cheese, chocolate as well as citrus fruits. Some other people might suffer from these attacks after they take caffeine based foods such as coffee. The other minerals that contribute to migraines in people after their consumption include monosodium glutamate, which is common in Chinese foods. Another mineral is Aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener and it is especially used in diet drinks.

Two, the people who undergo stressing moments in their lives usually suffer from migraine headaches. The stress that mostly leads to these migraine attacks include long hours of using a computer, manual labor and job related pressure. Therefore, it is common for people experiencing these situations in their lives suffer from migraine attacks at the end of a day or a week. In order to prevent and treat these attacks, such a person should have some relaxation time.

Three, it is common for migraine attacks to result from hormonal changes in a person’s body. Consequently, women tend to be mostly affected by migraines more than men are. Moreover, women will experience these attacks at around the beginning of their monthly cycles. This is the time that the estrogen hormone’s level lowers and such low levels trigger migraines. Another category of women who suffer from migraines is that of women undergoing menopause since they also have low estrogen levels.

Four, there are genetic causes for migraine attacks in some people. Research shows that most people who suffer from migraines usually come from family whereby one of the parents also suffers from migraines. In addition, most people will suffer these attacks at tender ages. The reason for this is that they are undergoing hormonal changes.

Five, some people usually suffer from migraine attacks because of sensing some stimuli especially sight or smell related. In terms of sight, patients of migraine are sensitive to bright sources of light and flickering ones as well. These would include the glare of the sun and highly powerful bulbs of light. In terms of smell, these people will react badly to some perfumes or smoke.

Six, it is possible for someone to suffer from migraine attacks because of changes in sleep patterns. However, no specific pattern that leads to these attacks. In some cases, someone could sleep for many hours and end up suffering from some migraine attack. Another person might not get sufficient sleep only to suffer from the same attack.

Seven, some medications such as drugs for treating headaches can lead to migraines especially when used for long durations.

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