Advil For Migraine

Advil For Migraine
Advil For Migraine

Advil For Migraine - When someone suffers from a mild migraine, he can use some drugs bought over the counter. These drugs usually reduce the pain experienced by such a person. Advil is one of the drugs that a patient of a mild migraine can take. This drug reduces the level of hormones, which cause bodily inflammation and pain. However, someone should take some precautions before using Advil.

One, the use of this drug for a long duration could cause heart related problems such as stroke. Actually, if someone undergoes or plans to undergo a heart bypass surgery, he or she should avoid taking these drugs. In the event whereby you experience side effects such as slurred speech and vision problems, you should seek medical advice immediately. Two, this drug could also cause intestinal problems when someone takes it. These problems could involve intestinal bleeding and they are very common in the elderly. Therefore, if you take this drug and realize that you are coughing some blood or your stool has blood residues, contact your doctor immediately.

Three, when you buy this drug, always stick to the dosage that is recommended on the container’s label. Taking a higher dosage could damage either your intestines or your stomach. Actually, when you are buying these drugs, it is important to enquire from the pharmacist if they are safe for you to take. People who suffer from allergic reactions are advised against using Advil. Apart from being allergic, the other group that should be careful before taking Advil is the one of people who has ever suffered from a heart attack, stomach ulcers, smokers, kidney diseases and blood clotting disorders. Finally, it is necessary for a pregnant woman to consult with the pharmacist before buying Advil. This drug is likely to harm an unborn child especially during the first three months of a pregnancy. Moreover, there are unconfirmed claims that this drug can be passed via breast milk. Therefore, if a woman is breast-feeding, she should also seek a doctor’s advice before using Advil.

Whenever you purchase Advil over the counter, the pharmacist will advise you on the correct dosage that you should follow. Do not deviate from that dosage by either increasing it or decreasing it. Also, ensure that you take the drug after your meals in order to reduce the chances of suffering from stomach upsets. If you buy the oral suspension, always shake it well before taking your dose. Moreover, insist that the pharmacist gives you a measuring spoon that is marked. On the other hand, if you buy chewable tablet Advil, chew it before swallowing.

In other cases, the people who get a prescription of Advil for a long time are usually advised to see their doctor’s regularly. These visits are important because the doctor ensures that he checks for any harmful effects. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you do not miss any of these visits. During the time that you are taking Advil, always store it away from heat and at room temperatures.

During your medication time, always take a missed dose if you remember soon after the time that you were supposed to take it.

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