Vestibular Migraines

Vestibular Migraines
Vestibular Migraines

Vestibular MigrainesA great number of people currently suffer from migraines. Among four of these people, three of them are usually women whereas one is a man. One of the most common symptoms of a migraine episode is the presence of headaches. These headaches are usually different from any other headache because they are usually pulsating and in most cases, they affect only one side of the head. However, there are various types of migraines and some of them do not include headaches as one of their main symptoms. Vestibular migraine is one of them.

The greatest symptom of a vestibular migraine is feeling dizzy. The people who experience this condition usually start feeling dizzy even at the times that they are perfectly alert on normal day. In other cases, the patient feels like he or she is standing on a spinning ground. The other symptoms associated with this condition are increased sensitivity to either light or sound, nausea and there are high chances of the patient vomiting during the attack. Whenever someone suffers from a vestibular migraine attack, it can last for a varying amount of time. The lucky individuals experience such episodes for only a few minutes. The others could suffer from these symptoms for a number of hours. History and study into this condition show that the people who suffer from vestibular migraines are the ones who have suffered from migraine headaches in their past.

In addition, vestibular migraines are usually passed on in families. The brain of a patient who suffers from the disorder is never affected and this can always be seen by taking an MRI scan. The only thing that happens is that during these attacks the pathways followed by pain in the brain are different from the ones followed on a normal day. However, research is still undergoing with regard to the causes of this condition. The dizziness felt during a vestibular migraine attack results from the brain’s hyper excitation, which leads to overlapping of vestibular structures. These structures enable someone to be stable. When they overlap, someone loses the ability to remain stable.

This condition, just as the other migraines, is more common in women than in men. Moreover, most women develop this condition when they are still young at their teen years. This is because hormones play a part in the development of vestibular migraines and people start developing some hormones at their teenage years. However, men can also develop this disorder and this can happen at any age between their teen years and an age of about forty years.

Luckily, it is possible to treat vestibular migraines. One way of doing this is by using drugs as prescribed by a doctor. If an individual suffers from frequent attacks of this condition, then he should take some calcium channel blockers and antidepressants. These drugs should be taken on a daily dose. Individuals who suffer from acute forms of vestibular migraines can take anti-inflammatory, nausea relieving and muscle relaxing drugs.

As a precaution, someone should avoid buying drugs from a drug’s store without the advice of a doctor. They can have some negative effects.

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