Verapamil as Migraine Medication

Verapamil Migraine Prevention
Verapamil Migraine Prevention - A migraine attack usually happens when blood vessels constrict and create pressure. However, it is possible to avoid these attacks by using verapamil drugs, which contain calcium blockers. The presence of these blockers keeps the vessels in a good state such that this pressure is not created. In order for this drug to take effect, there is the need for a patient to use it for at least one month. The most common form of the drug is the oral one. When someone suffering from migraines takes the drug, he or she does not experience any side effects. In the use of this medication, someone might gain some weight during that duration. However, someone does not suffer from fatigue, as it is common in the use of most other drugs.

When someone takes this drug in an overdose, there are possible side effects. These effects include suffering from allergic reactions, feeling dizzy, lacking sleep especially at night and having anxiety related disorders. In addition, there are also chances that someone might constipate after a dosage of the drug. Even though verapamil does not have any associated side effects, it is necessary for anyone to take the following precautions before taking the drug.

It is very important for someone to consult with the doctor before taking the drug. The people who are most likely to develop complications in the use of this drug include people who react negatively to some drugs, people who suffer from a kidney or a liver disease, or people who have nerve-muscle disorders.

It is also important to know that this drug interacts with other drugs. Therefore, in the event whereby someone is taking any medication, he or she should tell the doctor about it. This way, the doctor is able to make the necessary adjustments for this medication in order to avoid the interactions. Another doctor could have prescribed the medication, you could have bought it from a chemist or you could be using some mineral supplement tablets.

Once someone starts taking this drug, he or she should ensure that the dose is complete rather than just stopping to take it. Such an action can worsen the migraine’s condition. Therefore, if someone does not like the use of the drug, it is advisable to consult a doctor first. It is also common for this drug to be used together with other treatment plans. Such plans include taking a balanced diet, exercising and using other medications.

When someone is taking a dose of this drug, he or she should avoid crushing or chewing the tablets before swallowing them. The problem in taking such an action is that it makes the drug to be released into the body at a higher rate than the intended one. In the event whereby someone on the medication of this drug is to undergo any surgery, he or she should inform the surgeon that he or she is under the medication of verapamil. This way, such a doctor is able to make the necessary measures to avoid complications from arising during the surgery.

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