Riboflavin as Migraine Medication

Riboflavin Migraine
Riboflavin Migraine

MigraineInformer.com - As much as riboflavin is a technical term, it simply refers to vitamin B2. The vitamin is available from various foods and it is manufactured synthetically. It is also common for this vitamin to be found as one of the food colors for baby foods and products such as cheese. Unfortunately, this vitamin is destroyable by light. Therefore, whenever someone buys riboflavin supplements or food rich in the vitamin, it is important to store them in a dark place or an enclosed and dark container. Some of the foods that contain this vitamin are milk, broccoli, spinach and eggs among others.

Treating migraines is one of the recent uses for this vitamin. Previously, the supplements for this vitamin have been used for treating the vitamin’s deficiency in people and treating jaundice especially in children. When someone takes riboflavin in any format, his body is able to produce more red blood cells and it replenishes the energy levels in such a person’s body. The increase in energy is because the vitamin helps the body to get the most amount of energy from the consumed foods. These foods include fats, carbohydrates as well as proteins.

Someone may wonder how riboflavin is essential in treating migraines. Well, most of the people who suffer from migraines usually have low levels of this vitamin in their bodies. This means that these people will not be able to get much energy from consumed foods and hence, their suffering from fatigue during migraine episodes. Moreover, people who suffer from these conditions are likely to faint because of reduced blood flow to the brain. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the riboflavin levels in the body in order to avoid these symptoms. However, vitamin B2 is not a sufficient way of treating migraines. It is mostly used in addition to the use of other medications.

Actually, the use of riboflavin in the treatment of migraines is an area that has attracted interest from researchers. About thirteen years ago, close to one hundred patients of migraines took part in one of the riboflavin researches. Some of the patients experienced aura during migraine attacks whereas others did not experience them. The result of the research was that the patients who used riboflavin had more relief from migraines than the ones who used inactive placebo pills. This meant that the former group had reduced frequency for the occurrence of their migraines and when the migraines occurred, they were of very low intensity. This improvement happened after a period only three months.

In the year 2004, another study investigated the effectiveness of taking riboflavin in the reduction migraine headaches. The results of the study showed that the duration of headaches reduced by 50%. Therefore, a person who experienced these headaches ten days every month, only experienced them for five months after using the vitamin.

When people take riboflavin, some of them experience some side effects. For instance, someone might notice that his or her urine being bright yellow. Other patients suffer from diarrhea. However, it is important for people to consult with their doctors before deciding to take the vitamin B2 supplement.