Nortriptyline for Migraine Treatment

Nortriptyline Migraine
Nortriptyline Migraine - One of the symptoms of migraines is depression. In order to help a patient get out of this state, he or she should take Nortripytline. This drug has it effects on the composition of chemicals within the brain and it acts to balance them. However, it is always necessary for someone to take this drug under a doctor’s prescription rather than buying it over the counter. This is because there are some risks associated with this drug.

Firstly, someone who has suffered from a recent heart attack should avoid the use of this drug at all costs. Moreover, an individual should not use Nortriptyline if he or she has used any MAO inhibitor in the preceding fortnight. Examples of these inhibitors include Marplan, Nardil and Azilect. Secondly, Nortriptyline drugs have the effects of making people who take it to develop suicidal thoughts. The mostly affected group of people is that of young people in their early twenties. Therefore, doctors usually schedule visits for their patients. Someone should not miss any of these visits. Thirdly, some people might have their migraine condition worsen after taking this drug. Worsening involves alteration of someone’s behavior, development of panic attacks and being hyperactive. When this happens, the person involved should contact his doctor immediately.

When a doctor is prescribing this drug to you, let him know about any other condition that you could be experiencing. These conditions include heart diseases, manic-depression, diabetes mellitus, glaucoma, and urination problems among others. Providing this information to a doctor is necessary because these conditions might require the adjustment of someone’s dose. Otherwise, the safety of an individual could be compromised.

Pregnant women should also inform their doctors about their pregnancies. This is because Nortriptyline drugs can cause harm to the fetus. Moreover, there are chances of this drug passing into the mother’s breast milk. Therefore, a nursing mother should enquire from the doctor if it is safe for her to use the drug.

The other categories of people who highly need a doctor’s advice before taking this drug are the people in their teen years and the elderly. These people are highly prone to the drug’s side effects.

Whenever a doctor prescribes this drug or adjusts the initial prescription, a patient should stick to those dosages. He should not increase his dosage amount. In the event whereby someone is under the medication of Nortriptyline and yet requires undergoing a surgical operation, he should inform the surgeon about this medication. In such scenarios, the surgeon could advise the individual to stop the use of the drug for some days. This way, complications do not arise during the surgery.

When someone is taking Nortriptyline drugs, he or she should avoid taking some products. One, the person should not drink alcoholic beverages during his time of medication. Such drinks could lead to very dangerous side effects. Two, this person should also avoid the use of sleep inducing medicines. This is because the Nortriptyline drug causes sleepiness as well. Three, a person taking his medication should also avoid taking grapes or juices from them because they interact with the medication.

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