Migraine Trigger Foods

Migraine Trigger Foods
Migraine Trigger Foods

Migraine Trigger Foods - In order to find out if some foods trigger migraines, a number of patients were advised on the issue. Once the patients observed the advice, they identified and avoided the foods they presumed to lead to their migraine attacks. After some time, these patients said that the frequency of their attacks had reduced but not totally eliminated. The reason for this persistence is that even though foods contribute to the development of migraine episodes, there are other factors involved as well.

For instance, a certain food could trigger an episode only after someone undergoes through a stressing moment in his life or experiences hormonal changes. In other cases, a certain food might only be a trigger after eating it in large quantities. Therefore, someone might have a hard time identifying this food. Another factor with regard to food triggers is that a certain food might lead to the development of a migraine attack after a long period of hours. Therefore, someone might never know which food actually leads to his or her attacks. Despite all these factors, following are some of the foods that trigger migraines.

The first food that triggers migraines is chocolates. Many people who suffer from the condition usually say that they experience their episodes on the days that they eat chocolates. In addition, researchers have found out that chocolates contain amino acid tyramine, which is a trigger for migraines. On the other hand, women are the ones who eat most chocolates. Moreover, most of them do this during hormonal changes or when they are stressed. These are also triggers for the condition. However, people who eat only small amounts of chocolate might never experience migraines or at least not because of eating the chocolate.

The second food trigger is caffeine. The people whose migraines are triggered by caffeine suffer from their episodes irrespective of the quantity of caffeine that they consume. Therefore, if someone loves to take energy drinks or coffee but suffers from migraines, then he should consider using other drink options.

The third migraine trigger in the category of foods is alcohol. Red wine greatly triggers migraines. The reason for alcohol triggering migraines is the fact that it contains three different compounds. These are amino acid tyramine, phenols and other chemicals that reduce serotonin levels in someone’s brain.

The fourth migraine trigger food is tyramine. This has been mentioned above as being present in chocolates and red wine. Tyramine is a type of amino acids and it reduces the level of brain’s serotonin. In addition, it hinders the way that blood vessels dilate. Therefore, blood flow is affected negatively. Some other foods that contain this amino acid are nuts, pork, ripe bananas, cheese and avocados.

The fifth type of food that makes people to suffer from migraine attacks is food additives, which include nitrates and monosodium glutamate. These foods do their triggering by increasing the rate at which blood flows to somebody’s brain. Consequently, such a person suffers from migraine headaches.

One way of treating migraines is avoiding the foods named above.

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