Migraine Home Remedies

Migraine Home Remedies
Migraine Home Remedies

Migraine Home Remedies - Migraine is becoming one of the most common conditions to affect people. Even though some people think that migraines are minor diseases, the condition can be disabling. Some of the people who experience attacks of the disease get so sick that they are not able to go on with their daily activities. Moreover, the persons who might be able to continue with their daily activities usually suffer from undesirable symptoms. The symptoms include severe headaches, vomiting and feeling nauseated. The good thing is that someone can be able to treat this condition from home. Following are some of the remedies that someone can use to treat migraines at home.

The first way of treating a migraine attack when at home is the use of a cold piece of cloth. You should dip this cloth in cold, preferably frozen water in order for it to lower its temperature. After removing it from water, you should squeeze it and then place it around your eyes. Another way of using this technique is using an ice pack. However, the important thing is the low temperature. The essence of this technique is that it reduces the pain resulting from a headache.

The second method of relieving yourself of the migraine is by having some massage. It is important to first lie in a dark room before doing the massage. Someone else can do the massage or you can do it yourself. The most important part to concentrate on during this time is the scalp of your head and the forehead. Massaging involves using your fingers in rotary motions around the area being massaged while applying some pressure.

The third type of home remedy for a migraine is aroma therapy. This means filling the air in a room with some scent so that you can inhale it as you relax. There are different scents and oils that you can use for this purpose. Moreover, different people react differently to the various aromas. Therefore, someone might have to try a number of them before identifying the one that works best for him. The best examples of scents that someone can use for this type of remedy would be lavender and peppermint.

The fourth type of home remedy for migraines is the use of ginger. Ginger is good for treating migraines because it reduces inflammations, improves blood flow and helps in the relaxation of blood vessels. These are very important features because they help an individual who is undergoing the migraine aura to be calm rather than to panic. Moreover, blood flow to the brain is not interrupted and hence, this person will barely become unconscious. Someone can take ginger in one of three forms, which are dried powder, fresh or lightly cooked forms. Apart from relieving someone from a migraine attack, taking ginger regularly is also a preventive measure.

Finally, it is important for someone to drink a lot of pure water every day. This is because someone who is well hydrated will not suffer from a headache due to dehydration. The recommended daily consumption of water is eight or more glasses.

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