Migraine Headaches Causes

Migraine Headaches Causes
Migraine Headaches Causes

Migraine Headaches Causes - There are a number of migraine headaches causes. Most of them relate to what you eat, others relate to stress and lifestyle. In this post we outline some of the major causes of migraine headaches.

What you eat can be a major cause of migraine headaches

Proven research identified that a major cause of migraine headaches is due to diet. This is in a percentage of 20 to 40 %. What you eat and in general the eating habits can start a migraine headache crisis for people that have a disposition to migraines. In some cases, it is recorded that the migraine headache starts as a result of food sensitivity and allergic reactions.

Why some types of food can be a cause for migraine headaches is not yet exactly known and in any case it is different for each person. Most probably the foods responsible for migraine headaches in some persons, have certain ingredients that affect blood vessels, causing vasoconstriction. However, some people may not have sensitivity to these foods and may get the headache from other causes, such as exhausting weight loss diets or missed meals.

The foods that may cause migraine headaches in some people, does not necessarily mean that they can cause migraines in others, while the limits of intolerance to these foods is different from time to time, even in the same person. Moreover, the sensitivity of everyone in food is affected by many factors, e.g. stress, sleep etc. Since for everyone the «suspicious» food may vary, it should not be taken for granted that certain types of food can always and for all be a cause of migraine headaches.

How can we identify if a type of food can cause migraine headaches?

If from your experience have noticed that you have sensitivity to certain types of food, you should start a diet that will not include those “suspicious food”. If you get relief from migraine headaches add those foods back to your diet. If migraines happen again, then you will say for certain that you have sensitivity to those foods and that they are a cause of migraine headaches for you. If this is the case, the dietician can propose alternative foods, nutritionally similar to those that you removed from your diet in order to ensure that you have a proper and adequate nutritional intake.

Food types that can be a cause of migraine headaches:

Alcoholic beverages, particularly red wine, some meals containing nitric and nitrous esters or salts such as processed meats and sausages, can usually be a cause for migraine headaches. Also the tyramine contained in old cheese and present in some Chinese food is also a known factor for causing migraine headaches.

Stress is the perfect partner for migraine headaches

The most popular cause of migraine headaches is the stress. When the person that has a disposition to headaches is under stress a series of changes are taking place in the body. Among other things, during stressful conditions chemical compounds are released in the brain and this creates a diversification of blood flow and oxygen.

The changes created by stress on the physiology of the body and especially the brain does not directly cause migraines, but this happens after a few days of such a situation. It is for this reason that the headache migraine occurs after some difficult and stressful days.

Weather conditions can also cause migraine Headaches

Another factor that can be a cause of migraine headaches is weather conditions. According to recent research, more than 50% of people suffering from migraine say that their condition is exaggerated by certain weather conditions. These patients report that periods of prolonged cold and dry weather are among the most common factors that cause them a headache.

When does a migraine headache crisis being?

Under the influence of stimuli (e.g. a food ingredient), our brain secretes some special substances called ‘Amines’. The ‘amines’ help stimulate the arteries of the brain shell. The arteries are then shaking, and thus increasing the supply of blood in the brain and at the same time allowing the flow of various other substances that cause the migraine headache pain.

In people, prone to migraine headaches, this series of processes can be triggered when any part of the brain is stimulated. The stimuli differ from people to people, but the most common stimuli are among the following foods and beverages:
  • Alcohol
  • Cheese and other dairy products
  • Coffee and tea (caffeine)
  • Citrus fruits and juices
  • Seafood
  • Onions
  • Pork
  • Nitrates, which can be processed into food

It should be noted again that not all patients show sensitivity to foods. Some people note that their migraine headaches are probably due to hormonal changes associated with one of the following conditions: menstruation (period), menopause, taking contraceptives or following a hormone replacement therapy. Other known irritant factors include emotional disorder, hunger (including diet aimed at weight loss and fasting for religious reasons), various drugs (prescription or otherwise), environmental factors, such as change of altitude or time zone, the smell of strong perfumes and deodorants or simply fatigue.

Migraine headaches causes are a lot. The major causes are due to the food you eat, due to stressful conditions and environmental changes. Whatever the cause of migraine headaches, this should be identified and proper treatment for migraine headaches should be provided by a specialist doctor.

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