Migraine Headache Relief - What To Do For Immediate Results

Migraine Headache Relief - What To Do For Immediate Results
Migraine Headache Relief - What To Do For Immediate Results

Migraine Headache Relief - There are many ways for the migraine headache relief. What is of most importance though is to find ways so that you get instant relief from migraine headaches. To achieve this you can take the medication suggested by your doctor and / or you can follow some self-help techniques to help you get relief from the headache instantly.

First the doctor!

First, you must go to a specialist. Experts point out that the big problem is that very few patients suffering from headaches eventually go to a doctor. Most are trying to get relief from headaches on their own and often end up getting headaches because of drug abuse! In any case, if you suffer from headaches, you should visit a doctor, at least pathologist, neurologist, or better one of the Headache Centers operating in major public hospitals. This is the first thing you can do, but it is not the only one.

The doctor will take a medical history and a «good» clinical examination will eliminate any possibility of secondary headaches. If necessary, you may be asked to undergo some more specific tests (e.g., magnetic, blood tests, etc.). If it is proven that you suffer from secondary headaches, the doctor will seek to address the root causes of the problem and suggest the proper treatment for migraine headaches.

If this is a primary headache (such as a migraine headache), which is normal, treatment depends on the type of headache. In every case, treatment consists of three parts:
  1. Facing the crisis, namely the headache pain.
  2. Preventive treatment, in the case where the crises are repeated very often
  3. Headache relief using non-pharmaceutical methods: Psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, yoga, alternative therapies such as acupuncture, etc., as these help to give the patient a better body balance, which reduces the headache crises.

Attention to the abuse of drugs!

The first step for someone to do drug abuse in headache treatment is to assume that it can get relief from headaches without using the medication that the doctor would recommend. It may seem strange initially, but the pharmaceutical regimen to be proposed by the doctor to deal with the headaches will eventually contain fewer (and more suitable) drugs rather that what consumed by the patient trying for migraine headache relief.

Yes psychological help!

The psychological interventions for headaches, both in terms of addressing the pain and at the level of prevention, are based on the cognitive behavioural model and include «stress management techniques» (headaches diary, time management, problem solving, training in demanding behavior, relaxation exercises, cognitive restructuring, etc.) biofeedback and self-control, to change habits that contribute to the onset of headaches. Specifically, stress management aims to understand how stress affects their headaches, to recognize the sources of stress in our lives and how we treat them, and learn to recognize and treat the first physical evidence of stress.

Break from the stress with relaxing exercises

The relaxation training is designed to learn to control through the systematic application of relaxation exercises, independent bodily functions associated with the reaction to stress. The relaxation begins with the diaphragmatic breathing and muscle exercises include relaxation and guided fantasy in which mentally represent scenes that cause us a sense of relaxation. The relaxation exercises help reduce the pain, but their systematic application can also prevent and reduce the chances of it occurring in the future. Let us move from theory to practice:

Stop for 1 minute your work and check the muscles of your neck, jaw and the forehead. Identify any tense muscles and relax. Remember: The teeth should not touch each other and the shoulders should be lowered.

Throw away the muscle tension from the «triangle of stress»: Let’s try to touch your right ear to your right shoulder, keeping low the left shoulder. Let’s keep this for a while and then let your head bent forward so the chin touches your chest. Continue with the left side. Repeat this exercise a few times.

Spread your hand forward, as if you were to catch an object that is straight ahead, far enough. Repeat with other hand.

Allow the head to fall with all the weight forward so it touches the chest. We continue to “fall” down, leaving the knees to bend. When the hands are hanging next to the knees, sit in this position for a while and then slowly unfolding your body to the upright position.

We can also get massage in the areas we feel the intensity.

8 Self help measures for migraine headache relief
  1. Identify, using a calendar the external factors associated with headaches and try to avoid them. The diary will record details of each episode of headache: What time was, what state we were, the intensity and duration, what why were thinking at the moment, what why have consumed before etc.
  2. Balance your daily program so that you sleep and eat well in regular hours.
  3. Devote some time for your self. Spend time in activities that entertain you and make you relaxed (e.g., a hot bubble bath can be a very good headache relief measure in the case of Headache crisis).
  4. Do not make excessive use of analgesic drugs and any other substance without the advice and guidance of a doctor. In addition, the adoption of analgesic should be made promptly after the start of the crisis so as not to leave room to become a headache.
  5. Start systematically some kind of exercise.
  6. Avoid the consumption of alcohol.
  7. Do not deny the psychological dimensions of headaches and be reluctant to ask the help of a specialist.
  8. Watch your body position. Keep your back straight and your neck. Avoid keeping a your neck bent for a lot of time on the one side and your shoulders raised (eg when speaking on the phone or when lying down).

Migraine headache relief is based on both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical methods. It is better to try first using non- pharmaceutical methods to get relief from headaches and if the headache continues to get some professional advice from a qualified doctor.