Hormonal Migraines

Hormonal Migraines
Hormonal Migraines

Hormonal MigrainesMost hormonal migraines affect women. However, this condition is most common in women who are in their forty’s. This fact led to the research on this issue of migraines in relation to hormones. The first area of the research was to identify the age group that was mostly affected by the migraines due to variation of hormonal levels. To begin with, these scientists noted that teens were the least affected by these migraines. The women who whose age was approximately forty years were the mostly affected. The scientists also went ahead to study the lives of these women and found out the following.

To begin with, these were employed women and they were doing well in their careers. Even though money was not a problem for them, they had to work under tight schedules in order to meet their career deadlines. Some of them even had to carry some work home in order to beat their deadlines. This meant that these women suffered from sleep disorders and work related stress. These two features usually led to alterations in the hormonal composition for these women. When someone suffers from hormonal imbalance, he or she stands high chances of suffering from a migraine attack.

The second characteristic with most of these women is that they usually took pills for purposes of birth control. It is common for a woman to take these pills at the end of her monthly cycle when her estrogen levels are low. Since these pills inhibit the production of estrogen, the woman’s level of the hormone is very low. When this level is very low, the woman suffers from severe migraines.

Thirdly, these women suffered from menstrual migraines. This means that when the menstrual cycle of a woman is starting, she experiences the menstruation episodes. These episodes are due to the rise and drop in the levels of different hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

In all these scenarios about the hormonal migraines, estrogen is present. Therefore, here are some facts to consider in dealing with these migraines. One, fat helps in the storage of hormones. Therefore, gaining some weight could help in maintaining a constant level of estrogen hormones. Two, it is important to avoid overstressing yourself to avoid the fluctuations of the hormonal levels. Three, it is important to reduce the levels of alcohol beverages that someone takes to ensure that the liver is able to monitor the levels of your hormones in your body. Four, some animals are usually fed with estrogen concentrated feeds to enhance their growth. Therefore, it would be important for you to ensure that the meat you eat is from a healthy food store.

In other cases, containers made of plastics and the detergents that we use in the cleaning processes usually release compounds that mimic estrogen in our bodies. It is also important to ensure that your meals contain some fiber in them. This is because fiber helps in the removal of excessive estrogen from the body and hence the monitoring of hormonal migraines.

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