How to Stop A Migraine in Its Tracks

How to Stop A Migraine
How to Stop A Migraine

How to Stop A Migraine in Its Tracks - Until you suffer from a migraine it’s difficult to imagine how painful they can be. Along with an intense headache a migraine will also often cause vomiting and an increased sensitivity to light. Stopping migraines before they happen by reducing stress, improving sleeping routines and trying alternative medicine is the best way to stop a migraine in its tracks. What if the migraine has already started though? How can you reduce the pain immediately to make it more manageable? This article will talk you through a few things you can do to stop a migraine as quickly as possible.

A migraine is more than just a headache - it can render a person completely debilitated with pain. Although the most common symptom is a headache this doesn’t do justice to the problems it can cause. In many cases it’s difficult to know when a migraine will start although there are certain triggers that may cause it. For example, some people find that a particular type of food will increase their chances of having a migraine.

The first step you should take is to try and workout the initial symptoms of a migraine. These symptoms vary from person to person but if you can work out the early signs then you can take steps to reduce the pain immediately. As soon as you begin to feel a migraine coming on you should take preventative measures to limit the pain.

For example, light can make headaches much worse so you should find a dark, quiet room where you can relax with a cold towel over your forehead. Many people try lying down and reading a book or watching the TV but it’s more effective to close your eyes and let them relax completely. Depending on what time of day it is you may need to use a face mask or even a pillow or sheet to block any incoming light. The less noise the better as this can make headaches worse. Relaxation and rest is vital for getting rid of a migraine as soon as possible and it’s the best way of reducing the pain.

If you have a family or live with other people then it’s important to explain to them how severe a migraine can be. There’s nothing worse than screaming children or loud music when you’re trying to stop a migraine in its tracks but this can be difficult to understand for people who don’t suffer from them. If you can’t avoid loud noise in your house then be prepared by buying a pair of noise-blocking ear plugs. You may find it helpful to put on some quiet, relaxing music in the background although many migraine sufferers prefer complete silence.

It may also help to take small sips of water. Some headaches are made worse by dehydration but it probably isn’t a good idea to gulp down too much in one go either as this could increase the chance of being sick. Instead, ask a family member to bring you a small glass and drink it slowly.

A common mistake is to try and get up to do things too soon after the migraine has passed. If you go straight onto a computer then this could cause the headache to return rapidly.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should always visit a doctor if you start to have regular migraines. In many cases they will be caused by an underlying problem that could be solved.  Your doctor will also be able to advise you on the best ways to reduce the chances of having a migraine in the first place.

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