Easy Ways to Soothe Migraine Pain

Easy Ways to Soothe Migraine Pain
Easy Ways to Soothe Migraine Pain

MigraineInformer.com - There’s nothing easy about having a migraine. While in some cases the pain may disappear within a few hours in others it can last for days. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to help soothe the pain and make the problem more bearable. The most effective is simply to lie in a darkened, silent room until the pain passes. But what are some other things you can do to speed up the process?

Over the counter pain killers can be an effective way of reducing pain from a migraine. While they usually won’t get rid of the pain altogether they can blunt the headache and make it more bearable. Two painkillers you could try are paracetomol and ibuprofen (which is an anti-inflammatory).  It’s important to always make sure that you consult your doctor before taking any medication though.

There are also some over the counter pills which are made specifically for migraines. These are great because they target the exact pain caused by migraines. They’re usually more expensive than basic pills though. Always thoroughly read the instructions before taking any medication and make sure that you don’t become reliant on them!

Have you ever tried self-massage when you have a migraine? If not, then doing so can make a huge difference. Not everyone will find this tip useful but many will discover that it can soothe the pain of a migraine relatively quickly. The idea is to gently “knead” the head and neck to help relax the muscles. You will be able to feel areas that are tense or tender and should focus on these. Sometimes the relief will be instant while in other situations it might take time.

To massage properly you should only press lightly (otherwise you could cause more pain). Start by slowly and tenderly pushing down on different areas of the muscle. The strokes should be slow and long enough that you can identify the sore spots. In most situations it’s easier to massage someone else so if you can get your partner or friend to do this for you it can be a big bonus.

The other benefit of having a massage is that it can help you to generally feel less stressed. A good massage on the neck and shoulder area a few times a week can dramatically decrease your chances of having a migraine.

Sleeping is another effective way of reducing migraine pain. The problem is getting to sleep in the first place –especially if you’re suffering from a strong headache. To increase your chances of getting to sleep you should make yourself as comfortable as possible. Lying on a bed with pillows to support your neck and head is the best way of doing so. The room should be as dark and as quiet as possible. Sometimes you may find that sleep is the only thing that gets rid of a migraine. In some situations your body just needs time to heal and having a nap is the only solution.

To avoid migraines in the first place you should also make sure you get as much sleep as possible. If you have a stressful job that requires you to concentrate then getting enough sleep becomes even more important.

Migraines can be caused by a number of different things so it can sometimes be difficult to find out exactly what’s causing yours. If you regularly have migraines though then visiting a doctor is essential as it could be being caused by something more serious. Prescription medication may also be required in some situations when the pain is too much to bear.