The Most Common Migraine Triggers

Common Migraine Triggers
Common Migraine Triggers

Common Migraine Triggers - There are many reasons that someone may suffer from migraine headaches. Unfortunately migraine headache triggers are a lot and patients suffering from this terrible disorder need to take a lot of factors into account. Migraines can occur because of physical, mental, pharmacological or dietary reasons. In other words migraine headaches can be triggered in every aspect of our life. Each and every cause of migraine headaches has a special treatment and needs separate attention. Being able to identify these triggers will help sufferers avoid them and enjoy a better quality of life with less pain and suffering. Unfortunately there is no complete treatment for migraines but only ways to prevent and ease the headache pain.

Most Common Forms of Migraine Headache Triggers

Hormonal Changes: Migraines appear very frequently in people who experience changes in their hormonal levels. This is the main reason why women are among the most common sufferers and this is also the reason that migraines are sometimes referring to as the ‘female headache’. Women who have a predisposition to migraines experience more severe headaches during their period. This is mainly to the changes in the levels of estrogen in their body. It is also very common for women to experience headaches during pregnancy, during their menopause period and ovulation. During these periods the hormone levels in their body change radically and this change triggers the headache pain.

Pharmacological triggers: Another very common migraine headaches trigger is medication. This is more frequent for people who take medication on a regular basis. Medication can be a cause for migraines. It has been noted that people who suffer from headache pain may take medication to get relief. If the medication is not in the correct and proper dose and it is not after the prescription of a doctor, it can create more headache pain and migraines. This is especially true in the cases where people believe that by taking more medication they will get faster relief from the pain. This is not true and as said above it can create the opposite results. Always before taking any medication for the treatment of migraines you need to get the approval of your doctor.

Food triggers: There are certain foods that trigger migraines. This holds true only for some people as there are cases where not all people are affected by these food triggers. Usually people who have a predisposition to migraines are more likely to be affected by food. The most common food suspects are: alcohol, beer and red wine; aged cheeses; chocolate; aspartame; overuse of caffeine; monosodium glutamate — a key ingredient in some Asian foods; salty foods; processed foods; phenylethylamine (present in chocolates); nitrates (preservatives used in sausage, bacon, and lunch meats); citrus foods and products. Also other migraine triggers that are related to food include skipping meals, fasting or eating too much.

Lifestyle triggers: Lifestyle plays a very important role for the generation of migraine headaches. People, who have stress either at home or work, are more likely to suffer from migraines frequently. Changes in the sleeping patterns, environment, weather conditions, and barometric pressures are among the causes that can trigger a migraine.

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