Chronic Migraines, Can They Be Cured?

Chronic Migraines
Chronic Migraines

Chronic Migraines, Can They Be Cured? - Unless you are a migraine sufferer, you have no idea how bad migraine can be. This is especially true for people who have low pain tolerance, as migraine headaches is more painful than a regular headache magnified by ten. There is no way of knowing when migraine attacks. It could be while you’re driving, reading, even when you just woke up. Some people suffer from migraine once or twice a year, while there are some that suffers up to more than fifteen times a month. The latter is what we call chronic migraine. This could be a very painful headache, or it could be nausea without the pain. Either way, having such attacks (imagine fifteen times a month?) will no doubt interfere with your social and professional life.

The pain caused by migraine alone will make you wish it would stop-permanently. This, plus the feeling of nausea and the sensitivity to light and noise is enough for migraineurs to look for a cure. While a lot of companies are looking for ways to cure chronic migraine, it has not been developed yet. Instead of waiting for the cure to be developed (which could take years), you can actually prevent migraine attacks. Here are some great tips for stopping migraine attacks before they start.

Tip #1 Keep A Journal

People who have been working with doctors are often advised to keep a journal, and you can do the same. The purpose of this journal is to find out what triggers your migraine, so that it can be stopped before it starts. A common migraine journal would have the date on it, the activities that you did for the day and the food and drinks that you consumed. You also need to record the day and the time that your migraine attacked, and find the common data between this and the other attacks. Just be diligent in filling out the journal every day, and it would no doubt help you find the reason behind your migraine attacks.

Tip #2 Reduce Stress

Stress has been linked to more than a number of illnesses, migraine included. Reducing stress is actually one of the most effective ways to prevent migraine attacks, although this is not the easiest. With the lifestyle most of us are living, it’s impossible not to get stressed, especially at work. If you are serious about stopping migraine attacks dead on its tracks, cut back on the things that stress you. Often, this could be as easy as taking a break. While it is tempting to work extra hours at the office, stop and go home. Leave for the day, and never bring work home with you. Doing things that you love will also help reduce stress such as taking up dance lessons, knitting or having fun with your kids.

Tip #3 Treat Your Body Right

The problem with a lot of us is that we don’t treat our body right. We seem to forget that we are not machines, which could work non- stop 24/7. One effective way of stopping migraine attacks is giving yourself time to relax. Some people get very relaxed with meditation, which is a great way of fully resting your mind. While this is not easy at first, you’d find that doing it often will train your mind to shut off everything come meditation time. If meditation seems to be too much for you, you can go for a simpler option such as taking a warm bath. If you like, you can even play relaxing music on the background, and get the relaxation time your body needs so much.

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