Biofeedback Therapy For Migraine Relief

Biofeedback Therapy For Migraine Relief

Biofeedback Therapy For Migraine Relief - Biofeedback is a technique that reduces the effects of stress and pain on the body. It is used as an alternative treatment for many disorders such as heart arrhythmias, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, paralysis, epilepsy, and many types of pain including migraine headaches. It is a type of alternative and complementary medicine known as mind-body therapy and one of the only migraine treatments that doesn’t involve the use of any drugs.

A learned skill, biofeedback actually changes responses inside the body, and can be used on-demand to control, or even prevent a migraine from occurring.

Our heart rate, muscle tension, and blood pressure were once considered to be out of our control. It has been scientifically proven, however, that with daily practice, patients can be taught this voluntary control and use it to their advantage. 85% of adults and 90% of children who learn biofeedback techniques showed a great reduction in the duration, frequency, and severity of their migraines.

During biofeedback therapy, the practitioner uses precise instruments that measure certain physiological activities such as heart rate, breathing, muscle activities, brainwaves and skin temperature. The instruments ‘feed back’ information to the patient. The patient is then taught how to alter the information, simply by changing the way they feel, think or behave. Over time, the patient learns how to change these physiological activities at will, without the use of any equipment or instruments.

The two main types of biofeedback for migraines are thermal therapy and electromyographic (EMG) therapy. Thermal therapy trains the brain to raise hand temperature. This rise in temperature of the hands has been proven to alleviate a migraine. When combined with relaxation therapy, this method can reduce migraine headaches by 35%. With EMG therapy, the migraine sufferer learns how to control and relax the muscles in the shoulders, neck, and face. This type of therapy alone can reduce the frequency of migraines by 55%.

Anyone who suffers from migraines may benefit from this type of alternative migraine help. It is gaining wider acceptance in the medical community these days since studies show that biofeedback therapy can be just as affective as a prescription migraine preventative.

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