What’s A Migraine and How To Get Rid of Migraines

What’s A Migraine and How To Get Rid of Migraines

Some people may ask what’s a migraine, what kind of disease is that and how to get rid of migraine. Some people may do not really understand about migraine, the characteristics, what caused migraine, what are the symptoms and how to treat the disease. Migraine is one of painful and severe headache. This disease can be caused by many things and when people suffer migraine there will be any signs that precede this disease. People may feel tingling in their legs or arms, sensitivity of the light and sound will be increased, blind spots, vomiting and nausea. Migraine can bring excruciating pain that last for hour or days. Well, this disease tends to attack people in about 15 to 55 years old.

There will be symptoms that happened while people suffer from migraine. The symptoms to sign what’s a migraine attacked can be happened in a while before, during, and after the headache. The symptoms that happened when people are suffering from migraine are not all the same, but here are some typical symptoms for migraine, they are:
  • Severe pain in the one side of the head or on the other side of the head.
  • When straining or during the physical activity, the pain will be increased.
  • The sensitivity to the sound or light will be increased. When the people lying in dark room and cool, it will be relieved.
  • Some people also experience other symptoms when suffer on the migraine such as stomachache, diarrhea, and also there is changes in temperature.

In some cases, people who suffer migraine are also warned by aura. It is called as migraine with aura. What’s a migraine with aura? The aura comes to tell the sufferers that the headache will come soon. Aura comes as disturbance such as:
  • Thoughts or experiences which are confusing
  • Strange lights, flashing or sparkling light perception
  • There is zig zag line in the visual sight
  • In the vision, there is blind spot and blank patches
  • There is also physical disturbance such as stiffness that happens in the neck, limbs, or in the shoulder. There are also pins and needles that happened in legs and arms.
  • The sufferers will also feel the difficulty when they are speaking

When it is clear what’s a migraineis, then some people should ask what things that caused migraine. Well, actually the cause of migraine is still unknown. It may cause by abnormal activity of brain which later cause alternation in nerve signal, chemical and also blood flow in brain. There are many triggers and factors than can cause the headache which can be identified by some people. There are some potential triggers that can be identified such as:
  • Allergies
  • Strong smells or certain odors, changes of temperature, smoky rooms, bright and flickering lights, and loud noises also can be the cause of migraine. 
  • Emotion (stress, depression, anxiety, tension, or excitement)
  • Physical triggers (jet lag, exercise, or tiredness)
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Tyramine foods
  • Medication (contraceptive pills, sleeping tablet)

Migraine can be treated with various ways such as using medicine and lifestyle alternation. They could help to reduce the frequent of migraine. Well, start from migraine medication what’s a migraine medication appropriate to reduce the pain? There are various types of medication that will help the sufferers to get rid of migraine, they are:
  • Painkillers (ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen)
  • Nausea Treating drugs
  • Ergots
  • Preventive medication (to reduce painfulness, frequency and duration of migraine) such as beta blockers, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, gabapentin, botulinum toxin A, vitamin and herbs, acupuncture, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Except using medication, migraine headache frequency is also can be reduced with some healthy lifestyle which is easy and simple to do. They are including in:
  1. Give your body enough sleep during you daily activity
  2. Reduce the stress or depression also can be a good way to reduce the frequency of migraine
  3. Drinking enough water is not only simple way to keep your body healthy but also help to reduce migraine
  4. Some foods may be trigger for migraine so that the sufferers should know what’s a migraine food restriction and avoid some kind of foods and manage the consumption
  5. Do some physical exercise