What Does A Migraine Feel Like and How To Get Rid of It

What Does A Migraine Feel Like
What Does A Migraine Feel Like

What Does A Migraine Feel Like? - Some people who do not experience migraine may ask about what does a migraine feel like. Some people who experience migraine can’t say that it’s just headache. It makes the sufferers not only feel headache but also feel some kind of disturbances. Migraine is kind of painful headache and the pain can be lasted for hours or even for days. This is the common health problem that often attacks people in age range from 15 to 55 years old. Migraine sometimes precedes or accompanies with some sensory warnings such blind spots, light flashes, nausea, light and sound sensitivity is increased and arms or legs tingling.

In fact, some people who suffer from this kind painful headache can identify the triggers or factors that cause the migraine headache. They include allergies, stress and also light factor. So, what does a migraine feel like? The pain of migraine is throbbing, severe and pulsing. There are many symptoms during, before and even after the headache. However, not all the migraine has same symptom but here are some typical symptoms that often happen to the sufferers.
  1. Severe pain usually attacked in one side of the head but also occurs in either side.
  2. The pain caused by migraine is often severe, pulsing and throbbing.
  3. When doing some physical activities, the pain will be increased. It will affect the regular activity performance where the sufferers may get inability to do that.
  4. The sensitivity to the sound and light will increase and can be relieved when lying in the dark room.
  5. For some people, other symptoms are also experienced when attacked by migraine such as diarrhea, stomachache, sweating and also change of temperature.
In some cases, there are people who suffer from migraine with aura? What is actually migraine with aura and what does a migraine feel like? Well, aura is actually disturbance. The aura is also can be used as warning. It tells the sufferers that the headache will come immediately. Auras are disturbance that can be like experiences or thoughts which are confusing. It is also can be a strange and sparkling light perception. In visual field, there are zig zag lines, or blind spots in vision. There will be needles or pins in arms or legs, and stiffness in neck, shoulders and also limbs.

What does a migraine feel like? Why it is painful? What things that can cause migraine so that it feels painful more than just a headache? Many people who suffer this kind of painful headache must be asked this kind of question. Actually, the exact thing that caused migraine is still unknown. Well, it may cause by alternation in chemical, nerve signal, and blood flow in brain which are caused by abnormal activity of the brain. In some cases, people can identify some trigger that cause headache although some others are cannot. Allergies, light which is bright, loud noises, strong smells such perfume or odor, dehydration, foods, medication, tyramine, alcohol, stress, depression, jet lag, and tiredness are also become factors or triggers that can cause migraine.

How to get rid of that painful migraine? Well, if you have known what does a migraine feel like a disaster with its severe pain. You must find any solution to get rid of that painful headache. Well, migraine can be treated with medication either preventive medication or painkiller medication and some other treatments that will help to reduce the pain of migraine. If you want to avoid the pain getting developed, you can use some medicine to reduce the pain such as naproxen, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and aspirin with acetaminophen with caffeine. Migraine also can be reduced with nausea treating drugs, and ergots. It would be better to prevent the migraine with preventive medication.

The other way to reduce the frequency of migraine is to do some healthy activities. Here are some activities which can reduce the frequency of migraine such as:
  1. Get enough sleep and rest which is also good for the health
  2. Reduce the stress, depression and so on
  3. Drink enough water that will be good for health and reduce the migraine
  4. Avoid some kind of foods that can be triggers of migraine 
  5. Doing physical exercise to reduce that’s what does a migraine feel like

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