Know More about What Causes Ocular Migraines

What Causes Ocular Migraines
What Causes Ocular Migraines

What Causes Ocular Migraines - If your migraines begin to involve any visual disturbance every time they attack, it is well-known as ocular migraine. It is identified with blurry sight, shimmering lights, and also can lead into any blind spots. Therefore, ocular migraines is really disturbing since it can interfere your sight ability even though it is not included into serious condition. Unfortunately, there are no research to dig what causes ocular migraine to be exact, however, there are suspect risk factor such as family history or environmental factor. In otherwise, researches still consider that the causes of ocular migraine is similar as the classic migraine.

As if the trigger of migraine depends on person to person, there are several factor that can be included as what causes ocular migraine, such as bright light, powerful smell, alcoholic beverages or highly caffeinated drinks, foods containing artificial sweetener, preservatives, nitrates, and so on. The occurrence of ocular migraine is rare since it only affects 1 to two hundredth, and usually attack both eyes. Actually, to identify the exact triggers, you can keep tracking on calendar as headache diary which consist of diet, and sleep behaviour, menstruation cycle, and exercise. Since the vision loss may occur less than an hour, it is really disturbing since it can interfere your activity. 

Apart from knowing what causes ocular migraine, there are several warning signs as if you have an ocular migraines instead of the classic migraine, so you can identify by yourself. For example, if you are attacking by the migraine, then one of your eye being affected, either flashing lights, or temporary blindness, it might be ocular migraine. So, the key point of ocular migraine is it only involve one eye, and to check whether you are having this symptom or not, you can cover one eye and then tell what you can see, and then close another eye as well. In the other hand, you can also tell from common symptoms such as one-side headache that last up to 72 hours, the pain level is moderate or very painful, and when you mobile, the headache will be worse.

Similar as common migraine, there are no evidence based to answer what causes ocular migraine, to be exact. However, researchers found out that it could be possibly related with nerve cells in the retina are changes, while the changes are spread across to another nerve cells. Even though ocular migraine is not happened yet to be serious condition, it is still important to pay attention on it before you have loss any vision in one eye. Thus, if you are suffering from ocular migraine, it will be better to pay a visit to your physicians to let them know about the symptoms. However, to help your physician know the exact symptoms, since it is quite hard to differentiate ocular migraine with the regular, you need to be able to describe the symptoms.

In order to handle migraine by knowing what causes ocular migraine, there are several tips you can do too to maintain enough sleep, such as:
  • Establish regular hours for sleeping at the same time every time. For example, you need to wake up and ready to sleep at the exact similar time. You only need to haves short napping time, so you will not interfere the sleep during the night time.
  • Ever since stress can provoke the migraine, make sure to avoid any stressful mind, instead find anything which capable to make you relax, such as watching movie, read books, listening to the music, take a bath with warm water, and anything else.
  • Drink too much beverage with highly caffeinated is not recommended because it may cause any sleepless night and interfere your bedtime. In the other hand, drink small amounts of caffeinated beverage will be okay to relieve the painful migraine.

As mention before, what causes ocular migraine is not found yet according to the update scientific research. Therefore, if you have had chronic migraine for a long time, be sure to pay attention on your body as if you feel similar symptoms for those who are suffering from ocular migraine. In the otherwise, do not be confused with the term since there are several name of ocular migraine such as visual retina, monocular migraine, or ophthalmic.