Things You Need To Know About Optical Migraine

Optical Migraine
Optical Migraine

Optical Migraine - The Optical Migraine is one of headache that makes someone get blind for less than an hour. Actually, after you get the migraine headache, it can be last longer than you expect. It makes you cannot do some activities well and you need to take a rest. For several cases, the experts may call this disease as visual migraine. Actually, this migraine rarely happens. This migraine can happen mostly in range of one from 200 people. There should be more explanations why this can be happening. The headache makes you feel uncomfortable so that this disease should be noticed to prevent any negative impacts.

The blind of vision can also happen usually when you get migraine. It is called aura that will be light you blind because of the lights spots in your both eyes. Meanwhile, for this certain migraine such as the vision migraine, you need to be careful. It is better to have a check to your doctor. Therefore, in these following points you can see some symptoms of the Optical Migraine.
  • The blind will occur only in one of your eyes. The vision problem will happen in this disease. But mostly, it only attacks one of your eyes. It happens or some minutes until 30 minutes. It makes the type of migraine is different from the other migraines.
  • If you are hard to differentiate whether it attacks your eyes or only one of it, please close one of them and try to see it. 
  • The pain of your headache will be more if you move more. It makes you understand that the migraine that you suffer is the vision migraine.

The other symptoms that may occur are vomiting, nausea, and also being sensitive to the light and noise. It is a general symptom that you may feel and see if someone gets migraine. If you get the migraine, be careful. You can at least go to the doctor and say what symptoms you get. It will better to get an immediate medical treatment for precaution from more severe level of pain. Sometimes, people will underestimate when they get migraine. But, they do not realize that even they can get unusual migraine such as the Optical Migraine. Therefore, it is better to have some precaution and do not have some habits that can trigger the disease happens.

There are some causes that you need to know about this headache. It may help you to prevent any deeds that can attract the migraine happens to you.
  • There must be something happens to the retina. Usually, there is a spasm that is found in the lining of the back of your eye.
  • Even though the experts are not really sure about what causes, but there is a possibility about a change that happens in the nerve of your retina. It is examined by the scientist that the causes may have related to one of your eyes only. Therefore, the Optical Migraine can happen.
  • Sometimes, it happens because the genetic factor.

Actually, when we talk about the cure, the scientists are also not sure that the usual medical treatment can finish it. As it has already been explained that there is no medicine for the migraine as it is genetic factor, you may just be sure to have enough rest. Migraine can also be triggered as the sufferer has sleep disturbance. It makes the eyes and brain cannot be relaxed for a while. Therefore, it is better for you who are like to get this Optical Migraine, to take a rest until your vision being normal again. It is the better solution as the migraine will last for 30 minutes. So, there should be nothing to worry about. But, it is more than 30 minutes, probably you can get some aspirin to help you or visit the doctor.

On the other hand, it is better for the sufferer to check their blood pressure. It makes the better analysis so that the further action can be taken. You need also to do some sports as it is better for your health. Do not forget to keep the diet as well and never skip the meals very often. It makes you healthy and get less risks of Optical Migraine.