Imitrex For Migraines - What You Should Know About This Prescription Drug For Migraines

Imitrex For Migraines
Imitrex For Migraines 

Imitrex For Migraines - Imitrex (sumatriptan) is a migraine headache medicine available only by prescription. It works by stimulating the brain’s serotonin receptors, therefore narrowing blood vessels around the brain. This helps migraine headaches by decreasing the transmission of pain signals to the brain. In addition to relieving migraine headache pain, it also helps alleviate other migraine symptoms such as sensitivity to light and sound, visual disturbances and nausea. It will only treat a migraine that has already started, however, and will not reduce the number of attacks or prevent a migraine. It should not be used to treat a tension headache and should only be used by those who have been diagnosed with migraine headaches by their doctor. It is available in tablet form, nasal spray and injection.

Many people find much needed relief from their migraines with Imitrex and because many people also have migraine nausea, the nasal spray is an ideal alternative to the pills. The injection solution is prescribed for those who have debilitating acute migraines, which require more immediate relief.

A complete medical history should be obtained before sumatriptan is prescribed. It should not be used by anyone over 65 years old or under 18 years old, people with uncontrolled high blood pressure, certain heart and circulatory problems, severe liver disease, history of heart attack or stroke or ischemic bowel disease. The doctor should be aware of any liver or kidney disease, and risk factors for coronary heart disease such as diabetes, menopause, smoking or high cholesterol. He should also be aware of any other medications, including antidepressants and MAO inhibitors. Additionally, Imitrex should not be used within 24 hours of taking other prescription migraine medication.

After taking one tablet, you must wait 2 hours before taking another one. Many people find that one tablet does the trick, often within 25 to 30 minutes. No more than 200 mg. should be taken in 24 hours. After using the nasal spray, you must wait 2 hours before using a second one. No more than 40 mg. of the nasal spray should be used in a 24-hour period.

Although Imitrex side effects are usually mild, they may include anxiety, drowsiness, dizziness, feeling strange, a feeling of heaviness, numbness, tightness, stiffness or pressure, flushing, dry mouth, muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, neck pain, nasal discomfort and sore throat. Many patients, however, find that the benefits of this migraine medication greatly outweigh its sometimes, odd side effects.