Daith Piercing for Migraines as Alternative

Daith Piercing For Migraines
Daith Piercing For Migraines

Daith Piercing For Migraines - For those who suffers from migraine headaches, would be possibly ever heard about the article on how to cure chronic migraine headaches by using a daith piercing. However, if you dig up into the information, you will be found out that there are no evidence based about the alternative yet. Therefore, the aim of this article is to help you understand more about the occurrence of migraine and let you know, is it possible to use daith piercing for migraines instead of another medications treatment. Known as the third most common illness in the whole world, it is possible that a lot of people believes that daith piecing should be the best remedies for any migraines.

However, there is slightly difference between classic headaches with migraine, it is when you have headache which is quite painful only in one side of your head, which would be migraine. The worse thing about migraine is it can last for about hours up to several days meaning this disease is really disturbing since it can interfere your daily activity. Moreover, when the migraine is also followed by the sensory symptoms such as blind spots, nausea, vomiting, tingling sensation in both arms and legs, and also if the sensitivity to light and sound increased. So far, take a proper medication should be the best remedy for any migraine attacks, yet as people say that daith piercing for migraines is way more effective to cure and prevent any migraine. 

According to the statement given by those who have already had the daith piercing, the occurrence of their migraine attack is decrease, even they experience less symptom than before using the daith piercing. Perhaps, it is because daith piercing is applied in the proper location where you are inserting any acupuncture needle. That is why, since daith piercing is camouflage the acupuncture needle, it can impact the migraine occurrence. However, according to the expert, there is no scientific-based evidence to prove that daith piercing for migraines is really effective. Instead, people who are using daith piercing to cure or prevent their migraine mostly people who have realized that acupuncture is really helpful to regulate their migraine. Therefore, people believe that daith piercing can be used as long-term solution to treat any migraines, which is totally wrong.

Instead of proving as if daith piercing for migraines is really effective, there are several risks carried by the daith piercing, such as:
  • While the healing process, you can get any infections caused by pathogens, bacteria, yeast, and if the needle used is not sterile, you may infected by HIV.
  • If you have certain allergy to jewellery, your body may react to any allergy.
  • Bleeding and swelling.
  • Loss sensation due to nerve damage while inserting the piercing.
  • The part where you insert the piercing also can be turn out to be scarring or keloids.
Therefore, it is a must to discuss with any qualified acupuncturist or another expert practitioner to know whether the daith piercing is really needed or not.

However, if you have already realized that daith piercing for migraines is not that effective into the occurrence of your migraine, either you do not want to take medications again every time, there are several alternative you can choose, or consider, to treat and cure your migraines. Another alternative treatments include:

  • Acupuncture. Known as Chinese healing technique, acupuncture treat migraine by regulate the energy flows inside the body by using needle. Even though there are minor risks occurred as side effects, it is not considered as serious condition. Of course, you need to be sure that your acupuncturist are expertise on their field.
  • Auriculotheraphy. Slightly similar with acupuncture, instead of using needle, auriculotheraphy uses lasers, magnets, focused pressure, and also electrical stimulation. The target is on the ears in order to reduce the occurrence of the migraine.

In the end, neither the effectiveness of daith piercing for migraines has no evidence based according to any research nor another alternative treatment does not help you to get rid of the migraine, there are no other choices instead of take medical treatments for your migraine. Your medications probably consist of medication to help you relieve the pain, while other prescription are to reduce the attack of migraine.