What Is A Complicated Migraine?

Complicated Migraine
Complicated Migraine

Complicated migraine or complex migraine sometimes is used to describe a migraine that attacks people in more complex or more complicated than normal. It includes chronic migraine, persistent aura without infraction, status migrainosus, and also migraine-triggered seizure. This disease often attack adult and even children in hour or days period. This kind of disease can be caused by many things. Typical symptom can be seen by the patients so that they can find for the solution imm
ediately. This disease can be handled with any treatment and also medicine so that the patient can get rid of this kind of headache as soon as possible.

Term of complicated migraineis also referred to the uncommon type of migraine. Three types of migraine that commonly attacked are hemiplegic migraine, basilar migraine and retinal migraine. Hemiplegic migraine is inherited form where the sufferer experiences the symptom just like stroke. There is also basilar migraine. People who suffer in this kind of migraine are experience a dizziness aura or can be said as auditory or visual disturbance that happened on the both sides of their head. The other migraine type is Retinal migraine. It I characterized by disturbance on the visual of one eye. Rather than brain, it is caused by the retina.

This kind of migraine has signs and symptoms so that the patient can easily indicate whether they are suffered by complicated migraine or not. Actually, complicated and some other migraine have almost same symptoms. So that it is rather difficult to distinguish between complicated and some other migraine variants. They have almost similar symptoms such as GI syndrome, pain, autonomic and neurologic symptom, and also mood or emotion changes. some people who suffer in this kind of disease may also experience difficulties in speaking, vision loss, and also weakness. Well, for complicated disease in migraine, it is usually has dramatic focal features and also persistent neurologic deficit. It is usually remains after headache for about 24 hours.

Complicated migraine disease can be caused by many things and it important to know. The process of migraine can begin with trigger such as from food types and hormonal fluctuation. The triggers can cause the blood vessels to be constricted then the constriction reduces the blood flow to the certain area and causing aura. Then, the blood vessels is dilated and caused one-sided pain. It is also can be caused by some medical conditions such as:
  1. Head condition
  2. Pain condition
  3. Nervous system conditions
  4. Headache and migraine condition

As the other migraine, complicated migraine or uncommon migraine types are treated as the same. But, it will be better if the sufferers have consultation with the migraine specialist as Headache Foundation recommended. There are three types of migraine medications that can be used to treat the sufferer from this migraine. They are preventives include beta-blocker, antidepressants, and divalproex sodium. Pain relievers for migraine can use some any medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or can use combination of caffeine, aspirin and acetaminophen. And the last is abortive medications act that includes triptants, ergotamine tartrate and dihydroergotamine. Actually, treatments for migraine should be individualized depend on the types of migraine, the frequency of the migraine, and also the age of the people who suffer on the migraine. The treatment of the migraine such as:
  1. Education for the patient in the prevention and also management of the migraine attack.
  2. Trigger factors avoidance includes lack of sleep, bright lights, and also dietary factor that should be controlled.
  3. Management in diet.
  4. Living in the healthy lifestyle by doing meditation, biofeedback training and doing some relaxation techniques.

For some people who are suffered on acute migraine attack, they should do some things that will help them to get rid of bad suffering. They are included in:

  • Recognize the signs of the migraine earlier and also institute the treatment for the migraine earlier.
  • The patient in acute attack, they should rest in a dark and cool room.
  • Temazepam or diazepam can be taken to help the sufferer from the attack.
  • Some medicines are also can be used to help people in complicated migraine such as aspirin, NSAID’s, Opioids, metoclopramide, domperidone, prochlorperazine, and also triptan agents. 

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