Best Migraine Medicine for Each Type of Migraine Attacks

Best Migraine Medicine
Best Migraine Medicine 

Best Migraine Medicine - In this modern days, the shifting lifestyle increasing pressure too many people. Tons of workloads with unrealistic expectation lead to more stressful life. Because of this condition migraine become more common, especially among people with high level of stress. Migraine may sounds like a simple condition, but for those who have experience it, a migraine can completely distracts someones days, some people may experience the worst, where they cannot even wake up from their bed. Thus, a migraine may reduce someone productivity and affect their performance.

What makes this condition even trickier is the fact that it can comes in completely different attacks each time the symptoms occur. Understanding the nature of migraine attack is important in order to choose the best migraine medicine. In this article, we will give an overview about migraine and the best migraine medicine according to its type of attacks.

There are three type of treatments that can be used to overcome migraine by yourself. Those are listed below:
  • Non-Drug or Natural: there are a lot of natural treatments such as ice packs, acupuncture, sleep and menthol that will help you reduce the symptoms. These type of treatment works pretty well for a lot of people. 
  • Over the counter medications: if you only experience mild migraine, buying non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as naproxen or ibuprofen should be enough to reduce the pain. Another popular medication is aspirin. This drug can be taken alone or in combination with acetaminophen and caffeine. The combination drugs are better known as Excedrin Migraine.
  • Prescription medications: one type of prescribed medications named triptans are created to abort migraine attacks. There are many type of triptans and the way it is delivered, giving you a lot of alternatives to relief your pain regardless of the situation. For those who have bad hearts and do not feel the effect of triptans, using ergotamines is able to be the best migraine medicine. Opioids such as Percocet and Vicodin or barbiturates such as Fiorinal and Fiorcet can give acute relief for some people. However, opioids and barbiturates are not common first line treatments as it may induce dependency.

Based on the type of attacks, there are several medications that are more suitable for each attacks. Best migraine medications based on each attacks are listed below:
  • Hormonal migraine: monthly menstruation can trigger migraine in some women. This type of migraines are usually more severe and more difficult to treat. Triptans group of medications are the best option, but sometime it is not enough. Consuming progesterone could help reducing the pain and symptoms.
  • Migraine at work: if migraine happen during your work, the best migraine medicine to relief your pain as fast as possible so you can continue your work is triptans injections. Another option for those who are afraid of injections is nasal sprays form of triptans. 
  • Mild evening migraine: for this type of attack, acute medications in a form of pill, and additional ice packs and sleep can be a great help. The best migraine medicine for this attack is either Excedrin migraine, NSAIDs, aspirin, or even triptans pills. These medications are also some of the cheapest option in relieving your pain. 
  • Sickening migraine: if you experience migraine with additional nausea, taking pills can be difficult. This type of migraine is usually the one that prevent you from leaving your bed, thus reducing your productivity. Medications that are able to bypass stomach are the best medications. Triptans injections and nasal spray can also be a great option. Using magnesium, menthol, or ginger will help you reduce your nausea.
  • Severe morning migraine: this type of nausea are usually triggered by insomnia or over-sleeping. In the morning, it is hard to consume pills due to empty stomach. Therefore, using injection or nasal sprays are the best solution.

Those are several tips for best migraine medicine based on each attacks. Combination of treatments can be choose to avoid drug resistance. Some people develop this resistance due to treating frequent symptoms with the same drugs over and over again. Once the drugs wear off, the pain will occur again, leading to overuse of the medicine. Make sure to consult to your doctor before combining some medication as it may induce cross reaction between drugs.